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Northern Kentucky Mexican Restaurants

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Taqueria Cruz518 W. Pike ST. Covington, KY(859) 803-9290
Rio Grande Mexican Restrnt6815 Alexandria Pike Alexandria, KY(859) 448-9906
Willies Sports Cafe2015 Declaration Drive Independence, KY(859) 363-4400
Nick's Grove INC6180 Taylor Mill Road Covington, KY(859) 356-8777
NUCK-N-FUTZ5468 Taylor Mill Road Latonia, KY(859) 261-9464
Apple Sauce INC741 Centre View Boulevard Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 331-3900
Altiora Coffee5034 Old Taylor Mill Road Latonia, KY(859) 291-0999
Taco Bell5067 Sandman Drive Latonia, KY(859) 261-9845
American Grille9925 Berberich Drive Florence, KY(859) 594-4495
Margaritas Mexican Restaurant9925 Berberich Drive Florence, KY(859) 594-4444
Dicmann's Cafe479 Orphanage Road Covington, KY(859) 331-8076
Hoggy's Restaurant Catering2807 Town Center Boulevard Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 331-3538
Taco Bell3098 Dixie Highway Edgewood, KY(859) 331-4265
314 Cafe7704 Dixie Highway Florence, KY(859) 746-3140
Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy2833 Dixie Highway Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 344-1344
John Phillip's Restaurant2809 Dixie Highway Covington, KY(859) 344-0444
Dixie CLUB Cafe INC3424 Dixie Highway Erlanger, KY(859) 727-9319
Dixie Chili INC3716 Dixie Highway Erlanger, KY(859) 727-2828
Front Porch338 Highland Avenue Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 371-9992
Munkee Dews11 Main Street Erlanger, KY(859) 485-1247
Twist Box Modern LLC5 Park Avenue Erlanger, KY(859) 342-0548
Taqueria Jaslisco6417 Dixie Highway Florence, KY(859) 525-0605
Taco Bell6724 Dixie Highway Florence, KY(859) 371-4884
Longnecks1009 Town Drive Newport, KY(859) 291-5664
Family's Main Street Cafe104 N Main Street Walton, KY(859) 485-6520
Walt's Hitching Post3300 Madison Pike Alderson, KY(859) 331-0494
Josh's at the Drawbridge186 Buttermilk Pike Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 344-7850
Stringtown Restaurant255 Main Street Florence, KY(859) 371-8222
Country GrillPO Box 6020 Florence, KY(859) 824-6000
Empire Buffet570 Clock Tower Way Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 341-8009
K J'S2379 Buttermilk Xing Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 344-1413
Peecox635 Donaldson Highway Erlanger, KY(859) 342-7000
Zenzations Gifts & Shisha Cafe6 E Southern Avenue Covington, KY(859) 261-7653
Archways225 Mary Grubbs Highway Walton, KY(859) 485-4800
MI Casa1049 Swale Court Union, KY(859) 342-9400
Speakeasy2325 Anderson Road Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 341-4977
Casa Mexico21 E 32nd Street Covington, KY(859) 292-8226
EL Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant8101 Connector Drive Florence, KY(859) 525-8222
El Pueblito8450 Us 42 Florence, KY(859) 371-7080
Flying J Cookery13019 Walton Verona Road Walton, KY(859) 485-6662
Fort Wright Family Restaurant1860 Ashwood Circle Covington, KY(859) 331-8359
IZZYS7905 Mall Road Florence, KY(859) 525-2333
Camino Real7828 US Highway 42 Florence, KY(859) 371-2444
Cielito Lindo7915 US Highway 42 Florence, KY(859) 817-1918
Montoyas2507 Chelsea Drive Covington, KY(859) 341-0707
Someplace Else3214 Madison Pike Alderson, KY(859) 341-1435
Barleycorn's2477 Royal Drive Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 331-6633
Chanterelles7915 Dream Street Florence, KY(859) 283-2100
Chaucers2477 Royal Drive Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 341-2800
Chipotle Mexican Grill7915 Dream Street Florence, KY(859) 371-3002
The Real Enchilada7914 Dream Street Florence, KY(859) 372-0666
Bleachers Sports Bar2515 Ritchie Street Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 344-1333
Coach House6680 Licking Pike Newport, KY(859) 441-9681
Chipotle Mexican Grill525 Buttermilk Pike Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 341-8111
Ryans Family Steak Houses INC40 Cavalier Boulevard Florence, KY(859) 282-9449
Barleycorn's1073 Industrial Road Newport, KY(859) 442-3400
Chipotle Mexican Grill2527 Wilson Avenue Highland Heights, KY(859) 442-9999
Impact Technologies957 Riverwatch Drive Ft Mitchell, KY(859) 341-6321
Jalapeno's Mex Mex4135 Alexandria Pike Cold Spring, KY(859) 572-0123
Stables4210 Alexandria Pike Newport, KY(859) 781-2255
Margarita's Mexican Restaurant220 Plaza Drive Newport, KY(859) 441-3170
Anchor Grill438 Pike Street Covington, KY(859) 431-9498
Happy Family Carry OUT228 E 15th Street Covington, KY(859) 360-2778
MC Carthy's Union Station9914 Old Union Road Union, KY(859) 384-7777
Parrett's Corner1358 Scott Street Covington, KY(859) 291-3901
Takueria CRUZ518 Pike Street Covington, KY(859) 431-3859
Chez Nora530 Main Street Covington, KY(859) 491-8027
Jo an INC3940 Olympic Boulevard, # 135 Erlanger, KY(859) 746-2634
Larry's ALL American Cafe534 W 9th Street Covington, KY(859) 292-8330
701 Bar701 Bakewell Street Covington, KY(859) 431-7011
Farrer Too Sweet8460 US Highway 42, # I Florence, KY(859) 283-2830
Currito Burritos Without Brdrs2074 Florence Mall Florence, KY(859) 282-9400
Taco Bell8526 US Highway 42 Florence, KY(859) 371-5300
Agaves7551 Mall Road Florence, KY(859) 371-9555
Brooker's Pondcreek Haus796 W Miller Road Alexandria, KY(859) 635-9600
Chipotle Mexican Grill7516 Mall Road Florence, KY(859) 282-7715
Double Decker Cafe8645 Haines Drive, # A Florence, KY(859) 384-8645
HUNGRY Alien Design9755 Cherbourg Drive Union, KY(859) 657-6277
Taco Bell7619 Mall Road Florence, KY(859) 371-8804
Freedom Grill & Bar10 Kennedy Court, # A Florence, KY(859) 746-3600
Taco Bell14 Martha Layne Collins Boulevard Newport, KY(859) 781-5859
Dixie Chili INC2421 Madison Avenue Covington, KY(859) 431-7444
Hadco LLC246 Sunset Drive Newport, KY(859) 441-6493
Hoo-Ha501 Licking Pike, # C Newport, KY(859) 581-0900
Three Amigos6910 Burlington Pike Florence, KY(859) 371-1190
Strasse Haus630 Main Street Covington, KY(859) 261-1199
Backstage Cafe724 Madison Avenue Covington, KY(859) 491-2445
Cosmos LLC604 Main Street Covington, KY(859) 261-1330
Willie's Sports Cafe401 Crescent Avenue Covington, KY(859) 581-1500
Butler's732 Greenup Street, # 1 Covington, KY(859) 261-6011
Covington Chili707 Madison Avenue Covington, KY(859) 261-6066
Real Fiesta Mexican Restaurant5975 Centennial Circle Florence, KY(859) 371-5969
Amerasia521 Madison Avenue, # B Covington, KY(859) 261-6121
Bottoms UP11 E 5th Street Covington, KY(859) 261-1848
Red Light Cafe14 E 5th Street, # 1 Covington, KY(859) 491-9391
Taco Bell420 W 4th Street Covington, KY(859) 431-8226